Security Cameras

Know Your Family Is Safe 24/7

Security Cameras

When it comes to the safety and protection of your family and property, security cameras add another layer of security. They help prevent and catch burglars in case of a theft of burglary and give you live image or video capture and peace of mind. Therefore, Central Systems and Security Services offers indoor and outdoor cameras with a multitude of powerful features for all sorts of security purposes.

Indoor Security Camera

Indoor Cameras

Our indoor cameras help you look after your family from anywhere you are. We help you look after your family with ease. We also understand that you cannot watch the live stream 24/7. Therefore, our indoor camera looks for motion and detects suspicious sounds to mail or text you about it. Hence making sure that your house gets all-day protection from any kind of theft.

Outdoor Cameras

Whether it is raining or snowing, our outdoor cameras give you uninterrupted footage of what happens outside your house. Now you can look after your home from anywhere, anytime with the help of Central Systems and Security Services outdoor cameras. Moreover, the built in speaker and mic in the camera allows you to interact with people such as delivery guy or anyone else.

Outdoor surveillance requires a wide angle view to capture as much field of view as it can. That’s why, our outdoor security cameras come with great features such as great field of view, night vision to capture low light scenes at night. Besides that, they produce high resolution images and videos to help you easily identify a person in your live stream. The ability to be connected with Wi-Fi can be very handy as they do not require any wires which can be cute. Our experts will analyze your place to see where the security cameras should be placed.

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