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We aim to make your busy life a lot easier with our home automation solutions. Whether it is about adjusting the thermostat before coming home, letting the plumber in, close or open the doors or keep tabs on the children, you can do that all – with your smartphone.  Central Systems and Security services offers much more home automation solutions at a reasonable price.

Automated lighting

Complement the beauty of your home with our automated lighting feature. Brighten up your whole house or just parts of it, of your choice. Have the lights turn on automatically as you enter the room and turn them off when it is empty.

Automated Lighting

Smart Thermostats

Our home automation also offers smart thermostats which allow you to control more than just heating and cooling. Control these thermostats with your phone or your voice, from anywhere. As a result, you get to save a lot on energy bills.

Smart Thermostat

Keyless Entry Systems

We open up a new realm of convenience with your keyless entry system. Forgot your keys? No worries. Never get locked out again as we give you the option to open or close your doors from anywhere. Moreover, you can also get the notifications of such activities on your phone.

Central Vac Systems

NuTone PurePower Series Central Vacuums offer powerful and peaceful cleaning along with unmatched filtration for the cleanest indoor air, all at an affordable price.

Wireless Networking

Our automation devices use advanced security protocols while connecting to your Wi-Fi. We use different wireless devices communicating via a mesh network to add another layer of reliability. This also solves the problem of signal degradation and always keeps your network up and running.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Audio

Enjoy the freedom to play a song in one room, a podcast in the other and something different in the kitchen. Moreover, greet guests even when you are away from home. Kids not picking up your phone? Check on them nonetheless. Make house calls and much more!

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