Patient Tracking

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Patient Tracking by Secure Care

SeSecure Care Patient TrackingThe possible dangers of patients wandering around and eloping a facility could be catastrophic. A lot of hospitals and healthcare facilities face a lot of pressure to cut down their costs but provide greater security. Such hospitals and healthcare facilities need every tool at their disposal. Moreover, with the increase in number of patients, the demand of quality of patient care remains constant.

High risk patients such as those suffering from dementia or other memory loss conditions often wander off for a number of reasons. They could be looking for someone, sometimes due to confusion or sometimes just because they feel lost. Whatever the reason might be, losing them cannot be afforded at any cost. You need access to a tool not only with patient tracking but also an option to optimize room utilization and managing the staff.

Our Patient Tracking Services

Central Systems and Security services offers an intelligent solution for problems like this – patient tracking system. Our patient tracking system allows the hospitals and facilities to track high-risk patients. And doing so discretely, secure certain doors and lock upon a command in order to keep the patient from escaping. It also allows you to track the exact location of the patient and program it to send alerts to the staff in case a patient manages to escape.

Our patient tracking system is not just limited to patients but you can also increase the productivity of your staff, decrease patient visits delays and more. We aim to make your staff work better and work easier and are able to track the patients easily. Also, you can use our tool to make sure that all the patients’ needs are being met timely. Get access to real-time visibility to operations, track patients in real-time and better manage your staff with our tool.

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