Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Expertise

Fire Alarm System

There is a big difference between simple smoke detectors and a strongly monitored fire alarm system. Most of the businesses that suffer from fire experiences never reopen because the damage is too much. Fire alarm systems keep your businesses safe by efficient monitoring and reporting and give you peace of mind.

To provide maximum safety at your workplace, you will certainly need to install an automatic fire alarm to keep everyone safe in case of a fire. At Central Systems and Security services, we provide full range of heat and smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. Besides that, we also offer pull stations, annunciators and notification appliances to cover almost any application of businesses.

Commercial Design

Our commercial fire alarm system design meets the NFPA 72 and UL 827 standards. Besides that, it connects to our customer monitoring centers supervised by trained experts. Moreover, we only use those backup network services that meet all the industry standards. We provide the best customer service and it helps us develop and grow successful work relationship with clients.


We have a team of experts with years of experience in installing fire alarms. Furthermore, they use state of the art, UL-Listed equipment and installation methods. We make sure that everything we use is durable, last longing and is installed to perfection. Our experts will analyze your site to present you the ideal fire alarm system as per your preferences.


We not only provide you the installation, cleaning service and maintenance but also make sure that our installation meets the National Fire Alarm Code. Therefore, for this purpose, we certainly keep in touch with the local fire inspectors to ensure that we meet every single requirement. This leaves no margin of error and you can rest easy, knowing that your business is protected by the best experts in the market.

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