Business Security System

Securing Your Business

Business Security System

At Central Systems and Security services, we understand that your business security system means more than just a few cameras and locked doors. That’s why we offer a complete business security system to protect your business. Moreover, you can combine our mainstream services with customizable automation solutions to meet your business requirements.

Security Key padsKey pads

Central Systems and Security Services offers a wide variety of technologically advanced, easy-to-use key pads to enhance security for your business. As a result, our key pads put security and convenience at your fingertips and let you take full control.

Motion DetectorsMotion Detectors

Our motion detectors are fully capable of providing full business security and offer a wide variety of benefits. Besides that, their features include activating cameras, turning on and off all lights, setting on alarms and a lot more. Therefore, you can secure your business from a lot of different threats.

Door & Window Sensors

These detectors are attached to doors and windows and detect when they open to turn the burglar alarm on or give you a text notification. It is the technology that has a great success rate. Moreover, it costs a reasonable price and is a great starting step for your business security!

Door & Window Sensors

Glass break sensors

It is a critical part of business security and it works by setting an alarm on when it detects that a glass is broken. However, door and window sensors are not sufficient. This is  because your business place could still be at risk if a burglar breaks your window. Therefore, using Glass break sensors could be a great idea for your business. These work great alongside motion detectors to keep your business and employees safe all the time.

Glass Break Sensors

Security Cameras

When it comes to the safety and protection of your business and property, security cameras add another layer of security. Therefore, Central Systems and Security Services offers indoor and outdoor cameras for all sorts of security purposes.

Security Cameras


At Central Systems and Security services, we have a good variety of access control solutions for any business environment. You can enjoy better employee and visitor management, thanks to our advanced access control management solutions. It allows you to track, manage and control any facility and gain control. Moreover, you can add value to your operations and management with our access control solution and handle your business operations comfortably and efficiently.

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