Business Security

Securing Your Business

Business Security

In this modern and technological age, burglars and thieves too have upgraded their ways to break in and loot. Old-school methods are no longer able to protect your property and belongings from the burglars. You have the option to install security equipment yourself or you can hire our services to do it right and thoroughly. We will make sure to deliver a strong level of protection at a reasonable price to keep your business secure.

While most businesses have similar security requirements involving to detect intruders via sensors and alarm the authorities. Our security instruments cost you only a fraction but they deliver the same consistent performance as any other would. Moreover, our business security plans are flexible to make sure that they meet your business needs.

To protect your business, we recommend adding every extra layer of security to stay on a safe side. Central Systems and Security services provides custom security solutions to meet your business needs. Not only we provide and install the cutting-edge security technology, we provide consistent monitoring to keep your business place safe. All of this is overseen by our trained experts of the industry. We also offer custom security systems to make sure you stay within a budget.

Indoor Security CameraSurveillance Cameras

We offer surveillance cameras to provide continuous monitoring of your business space. No matter if you are away or sitting in your office, you can monitor the activity on your smartphone. Event triggered video feature allows you to receive pictures of someone expected entering the business space or of an unexpected entry. Moreover, the outside video surveillance allows you to keep a check on any suspicious activity that goes on outside your office.

Fire Alarm System

To provide maximum safety at your workplace, you will need to install an automatic fire alarm to keep everyone safe in case of a fire. We provide full range of heat and smoke detectors, pull stations, annunciators and notification appliances to cover any application of businesses.

Access Control

At Central Systems and Security services, we have a good variety of access control solutions for any business environment. You can enjoy better employee and visitor management, thanks to our advanced access control management solutions. Besides that, it allows you to track, manage and control any facility and gain control. Therefore, you can add value to your operations and management with our access control solution and handle your business operations comfortably and efficiently.

Patient Tracking

The possible dangers of patients wandering around and eloping a facility could be catastrophic. High risk patients such as those suffering from dementia or other memory loss conditions often wander off for a number of reasons. Consequently, they could be looking for someone, sometimes due to confusion or sometimes just because they feel lost.

Central Systems and Security services offers an intelligent solution for problems like this – patient tracking system. Our patient tracking system allows the hospitals and facilities to track high risk patients without letting them notice anything. Moreover, you can secure certain doors and lock upon a command in order to keep the patient from escaping. Besides that, it also allows you to track the exact location of the patient and program it to send alerts to the staff in case a patient manages to escape.

SeSecure Care Patient Tracking

Gate Systems

This is an era of ever rising security requirements for every business and you need a security company that specializes in gate systems. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing you quick consultation, durable installation and quality service of gate systems.

Let us help you make sure that your business gates are moving quickly and efficiently and remain fully protected at the same time. Irrespective of the kind of property or environmental conditions, our gate systems provide full security and convenience to businesses.

Gate Systems
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