VoIP Information(Voice over Internet Protocol)


IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Voice over Internet Protocol and digital telephone service 

Voice over Internet Protocol  (also known as VoIP) is a technology that converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet.  Examples of this service include Vonage and AT&T CallVantage Service. Similar services that may present the same types of problems are Comcast and Time Warner digital phone service. 


If you are considering utilizing a Voice over Internet Protocol service or digital service, please be aware of the following: 

Installation of the necessary VoIP hardware WILL DISCONNECT THE Central Systems security system. IF YOU INSTALL VoIP or digital phone service, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU IMMEDIATELY CALL Central Systems Service Department at (941) 923-5233 TO DETERMINE WHETHER A SERVICE CALL IS NECESSARY.  DO NOT   RELY ON A NON-CENTRAL TECHNICIAN TO MAKE THE CENTRAL SYSTEMS SECURITY SYSTEM OPERATIONAL WITH VoIP or digital phone service.  


In the majority of cases, a Central technician can enable the Central system to send alarm signals on VoIP.  In some cases, however, this may not be accomplished, even though the communication format utilized by Central has a higher likelihood of success than any other alarm communication formats.


Additional considerations of using VoIP or digital phone service:     

         Your premises, rather than a telephone company central office, will power communications.  If you lose power, the security system will not send a signal to the Central Systemís Monitoring Center.  

         If you change your telephone number, it is important that you immediately advise Central so that we may update your account with accurate contact information.  

         If the Central security system has a line cut feature, it may NOT sound an alarm if the communication line on the outside of your premises is cut. 

         On average, the Internet experiences more service outages than regular phone lines.  The Central system cannot communicate during these outages.  

         Central may lose the ability to download software changes to the alarm system, and a chargeable service appointment may need to be scheduled instead. 

         Alarm signals may be more susceptible to loss or distortion when sent over the Internet.  It is essential that you test the alarm system communication at least once per week.   

         Even though the system successfully tested once, subsequent technical changes by your phone service provider could impact the Central systemís ability to communicate.  


We encourage you to investigate all aspects of VoIP Ė not only involving the Central system, but also the effect on other phones and fax machines in your premises.  As an alternative, we strongly encourage you to maintain a basic land-line telephone service for the Central security system, while retaining your VoIP or digital phone service for voice communications.  Central Systems believes that it is positioned as well as any alarm company to work with VoIP, but there will likely be a reduction in alarm communication reliability and performance.