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FAQS (Frequently asked questions)


GE Caddx NX-8 Control Panel


1.      I do not have a green (status) light. What does this mean?

If you do not have a green light, a slow flashing zone light should be on, this will give you a more specific area to check for an open door or window. Once you have secured the area, you should get a green light. It is very important that you check ALL doors and windows. Many times our service department responds only to find a window or door that is open. Please check all doors and windows even if you normally never enter a room or open that door or window.


2.      My power light is flashing, what does this mean?

This indicates you have a Low Battery condition. (This is the main control panel battery)

If you have a Low Battery, you may either stop in our office to purchase a battery and install it yourself, or you call our office to schedule a service call.


2.   My service light is on. What does this mean?

This can mean several things; the most common is a low battery condition.

To find what type of trouble exists on the alarm, press *2, then observe the zone lights (1 thru 8), these lights will light for several seconds which will indicate what type of trouble exists on the alarm system. Follow the list below to determine the trouble type.

Zone 1 light = System fault (if this light comes on, press 1, then observe what light comes on and see chart directly below.

            Zone 1 light = Over Current Fault

            Zone 2 light = Siren Trouble

            Zone 3 light = Box Tamper

            Zone 4 light = Expander Power

Zone 5 light = Expander Low Battery

Zone 6 light = Expander Box Tamper

Zone 7 light = Expander Trouble

Zone 8 light = Ground Fault

Zone 2 light = Zone Tamper (If this light is on, press 2 and observe which zone is affected)

Zone 3 light = Zone Low Battery (If this light is on, press 3 and observe which zone is affected)

Zone 4 light = Zone Loss of Supervision (If this light is on, press 4 and observe which zone is affected)

Zone 5 light = Zone Trouble (If this light is on, press 5 and observe which zone is affected)

Zone 6 light = Telephone Fault (If this light is on, press 6; if zone 6 lights, phone line out of service – if zone 7 lights, aux communication failure)

Zone 7 light = Failure to communicate

Zone 8 light = Loss of System Time


If you have received a Failure to communicate, you may call our Central Station to place your system on test and force a test to our office, once this is received, the trouble light should clear.

If you receive a Fire Circuit Trouble, this will normally always require a service call.

If you receive a Loss of Time, this happens after a total power outage, including Battery Back-up. If this happens, follow these steps.

Setting Current Time = *97 Master Code then enter the current time (in 24 Hour Clock mode, also known as Military Time).

Setting Current Date = *96 Master Code then enter “day of the week” (1 = Sunday, 7 = Saturday), then enter the current date (in MM/DD/YY; enter 2-digit Month, 2-digit day, 2-digit year format, then press #)


IE: To enter the date; and the date is Monday, January 1, 2007 enter the following: *96 Master Code 2 010107#

IE: To enter the time; and time is 3:30pm, enter the following: *97 Master Code 1530


3.      How do I turn on and off my Door Chime?

This can be done by pressing the Chime button - This will toggle the door chime on and off each time you enter this sequence. You will notice the chime light next to the button will turn on when the chime feature is active.


4.      I need to add or delete an access code. How do I do this?

You may have a total of 48-normal use codes entered into your alarm system to arm and disarm the system. You will need to know which locations are already in use. The Master Code is in location 1.

To enter a code, or change a code, Enter: *5 Master Code (the ready light will flash), location number (001-048), enter a 4-digit code, #

To delete a code, Enter *5 Master Code, location number (001-048), **** (* 4 times), #


5.      My Armed light is flashing, what does this mean?

This indicates an Alarm Memory. If your alarm happens to go off, this light will begin to flash.


6.      What happens if I enter the wrong code?

If you enter the wrong code, press #, then try your code again. If you enter the wrong code 5-times, the keypad will LOCKOUT for 5-minutes. There is nothing that can be done except for waiting 5-minutes. Do not press any keys while waiting for this time to expire.


7.      How do I view my Event Buffer?

The panel will store events that have occurred on the system. Each event will contain the time, date,

partition and the event itself along with the zone number, user code number or any other information pertaining

to the event.


The following is the procedure for viewing the event buffer through the LCD keypad (Plain English readout)

Step 1 - Enter [*] [90] [Master Code]

The keypad will display the Event Number, Partition, Time and Date of the event in question. Use the arrow keys (^ v) to scroll through the events in the


When you have finished viewing the event buffer press the [#] key to exit.


Another option is to have this information retrieved by calling our office. This information can be retrieved with special software; we can then email or fax this report to you. There is a nominal charge for this service to be done from our office.