Technical Support


FAQS (Frequently asked questions)


DSL Filters:

Q         What is DSL?

A         DSL is a type of high-speed Internet access. This is a service offered primarily though Verizon and Sprint; your local

phone company.


Q         I have Cable high speed Internet access, such as Comcast, Brighthouse Networks, or Roadrunner. Do I need a DSL Filter?

A         NO, this type of Internet access does not require a DSL filter.


Q         How do I get a DSL filter for my alarm system?

A         Call our office during normal business hours to purchase one.


False Alarms:

Q         I have experienced false alarms during windy days, why does this happen?

A         The main reason is a non-secured opening. The most common cause are French style double doors where the stationary door is not pinned at the top AND/OR bottom. If the stationary door is not secured, it will allow the movable door to move enough to cause a false alarm. This can be easily corrected by making sure that both the top & bottom pins are properly engaged.


My code does not work:

Q         Why doesn’t my code work?

A         Most of our alarms have a tamper feature that will lockout the keypad for 5 minutes, if a wrong code was entered 5 times. If this happens, please wait 5 minutes, then try again. We also get many calls where a code does not work, we later discover that the wrong code is being entered; this is common for part time homeowners that use a different code at another home.


Smoke Detectors:

Q         I hear beeping from my smoke detectors. What should I do?

A         1. In over 99% of the cases, this is an indication that this is related to your 110Volt Smoke detectors. These smoke detectors

were installed by your electrician during construction. These types of smoke detectors are required by the state. Central is

unable to service these type of smoke detectors. You MUST contact your electrician.

2. 99% of the smoke detectors installed by Central have no noisemaker in the detector. We rely on the internal siren of the

security system to annunciate if an alarm occurs.

3. Only smoke detectors installed by Central may be monitored.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Q         I am considering installing VoIP. What should  I consider?

A         <click here>


Nutone Central Vacuum:

Q         I have a central Vacuum system installed in my home, where can I purchase bags?

A         They are available at our office. Each package has 3 bags.